About Us

About us

We are a small but effective team committed to providing easy access to resources, research, training, and grants. Get in touch!

Zoe Welch facing the camera head-on, smiling, with upswept silver hair, wearing an orange shirt.

Zoe Welch

With her Master of Education and Communications degrees in hand, Zoe set out on her (now 30+ year) career directing projects, programs, and organizations in media arts, community development, social and emotional learning, public humanities, and museum-based public programming and education. Zoe’s also a writer and photo-based artist with works published and presented in the US and Canada.

Jessica Leahy facing the camera, smiling, with long dark hair over her left shoulder, wearing a black top.

Jessica Leahy

Holding a double-major in English Literature and Creative Writing from Concordia University, Jessica has a penchant for the written word. Since 2022, Jessica coordinates and manages Literacy Quebec's helpline, spearheads LQ’s communications across various platforms, and supports CELI initiatives. Jessica is passionate about accessibility and lifelong learning. And prose.

Project Advisory Committee Members

CELI’s Project Advisory Committee (PAC) consists of 7 members who represent a cross-section of sectors in the ESCQ, including education, research, and social and economic development. Together, the PAC members have reach across Quebec’s 17 regions, and their sectoral expertise enriches CELI’s goal of supporting community-based service providers to implement their literacy and essential skills, and employment and employability services and programs. Additionally, the PAC informs CELI’s research activities, identifying timely sector-specific topics of value to the community of practice. The PAC also advises on the development of the CELI community grants framework as well as the creation of a strategic partnership plan.

Margo Legault


Executive Director, Literacy Quebec


Wendy Seys


Executive Director, Yamaska Literacy Council
Vice President, Literacy Quebec


John Buck

President & CEO

Community Economic Development and Employability Corporation (CEDEC)


Cathy Brown

Executive Director

Regional Development Network (RDN)


Nick Salter

Executive Director

Provincial Employment Roundtable (PERT)


Brigid Hayes

Literacy and Essential Skills Consultant

Chair, Peter Gzowski Foundation for Literacy (PGFL)


Riley Dalys-Fine

Director of Community Engagement & Strategic Alliances

Quebec Community Groups Network (QCGN)